alongside my gorgeous family, i also would not be where i am today without the most loyal, and wonderful clients. i have been in business for 6 years now and each year i am meeting so many new people who become friends. my favorite part of this "job" is being able to capture some of life's most intimate and special moments.
my intentions with each session are to make sure you are comfortable and being your most authentic self. i live for capturing candid moments. you will hardly ever catch me putting you into a "pose".  i also love when our sessions are tailored to you. let's go somewhere you enjoy and love. take me along to your favorite hobbies to be a fly on the wall. let's make it unique and fun for you!!

hiya! wife, mama of 3 and photographer, here. yup, this picture on the left is my whole world!
just some history for ya.. my husband and i met when i was 16. we dated for a little, went our separate ways for 4 years and well, he just couldn't resist me. so here we are, almost 8 years later, with the most beautiful family!!
i am blessed with the best two bonus babies, Jackson and Paisley. Jackson loves to play basketball and video games #typicalboy. Paisley loves dancing, makeup, playing dress up, all things girly girl #typicalgirl. and along with Jackson and Paisley, my husband and i have our daughter, Oaklee. our Oakie girl loves being outside, loves being independent, and food #typicaltoddler.  the 3 of them keep us on our toes and bring us so much joy. our family is blended and so so beautiful. i wouldn't be where i am today without their love and support.



my favorite titles besides "photographer" are "mama" and "wife". i love that my job allows me to spend most of my time at home with my kids because watching them grow and learn is one of the best things in the world. they love to keep me busy and entertained and i really feel so blessed that they call me mama. but.. i wouldn't have my babies without my husband. chance is my rock and my #1 supporter. whether it's driving me to my long sessions or taking the kids away for a little so i can work, he is always so willing and i couldn't run this business without him. i am truly blessed with the best.



i think my love for photography started my senior year of highschool when i took a photography class as an elective. because once i started, i never stopped. but it was never a career option for me. i always thought i needed to go to college, get a degree and use that for my career. so after i graduated high school, i started at california baptist university studying criminal justice. it wasn't long with this major that i realized it wasn't really what i wanted so i changed my major to psychology and fell in love with learning about the brain and the way it functions. i have hit a few bumps along the road of my college journey (having a baby, running a business during covid, etc.) so i am still.... yes still... trying to get my bachelors degree. i have already put it in the work for more than half of my degree, i might as well finish it!
so if i take a while to respond to your email or text, just know i am probably nerding out over the brain,



get me on a boat or get me in a sand rail. my two favorite things that i get the luxury of doing with my family and friends. going to the river during the summer and glamis during the winter were some of my favorIte memories growing up. these two places are my homes away from home and truly make me so happy when we are there! i have only done a handful of sessions at the river and in glamis but if you are ever wanting a location that's way different than anything in our area, i will definitely be there. 120 degree weather at the river? that's okay, i'm there. 20mph wind in glamis? also okay, i'll be there.

now you've learned a little bit about me! i want to hear about you! click the button to the right and fill out my contact form. we can chat all things photography, river, glamis, and kiddos... and i guess we can talk about your session too ;)

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